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A broken window or door is often a frustrating experience. However, here at Window Glass Repair Toronto, we aim to take the hassle out of the situation by providing excellent service every step of the way. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so you can contact us if you have a nighttime, weekend or holiday glass emergency. Learn more about the services we offer and find out why Window Glass Repair Toronto should be your number one choice when you have broken glass, or you are just ready for an upgrade or renovation to your home or


Home Glass Service

A great set of windows can turn a basic home into so much more. Windows are functional, of course, but they really do add style and flair to your house. Our installers are experienced at working with homeowners to help you decide on the right window and door options, or to work with you when you need repairs to a broken or shattered window or door. Many homes utilize mirrors for decorating—we can help you repair or replace large mirrored areas as well.

Commercial Glass Service
Commercial glass projects are completely different from home glass projects. That is why you want to choose a company that has experience working with large-scale commercial projects. Our installation team understands installation and repair of storefront glass, sliding glass doors, commercial doors and other glass projects that businesses may need.
Window Glass Repair Toronto strives to become  the glass company Toronto residents choose for all types of glass projects. In addition to offering excellent installation and repair services, we also excel in the areas of customer service. Window Glass Repair Toronto is dependable, honest and offers affordable service for all glass projects. Give us a call today and let us discuss your next glass repair or replacement project.


Locksmith Service:

If you require emergency service for locks in the hamilton area Locksmith Hamilton is the the company to call for.

Garage Doors:

Garage doors often breks so this is why you need reliable Garage Door Repair In Hamilton, 100% satisfaction, you count on it.


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